Tell me about your day

Tell me about your day

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Breaking a bit from a true ‘random acquaintance’, this post is about a lesson learned from someone who started out as an oddly extraordinary random acquaintance. To tell the story best, I have to go all the way back to when I was a girl. Let’s say, a 5-year-old me coming home from my day at kindergarten. And we’ll say any brilliantly sunny fall day in southern Wisconsin where the leaves are slowing falling into blankets of yellow, orange and red on the manicured lawns. I would be daydreaming, skipping, sometimes crouching down to watch a caterpillar cross the perfectly-formed cement sidewalks and, often, looking up at the clouds identifying shapes – animals, flowers and angels. Sometimes I’d be walking with my best friend Joey, and other times alone. Either way, the mile walk always felt like the biggest adventure ever!

My Mom and little brother would be at home with lunch prepared at the table. As I climbed into my chair, she would say ‘tell me about your day Janie’, like all Mom’s do. And my 5-year-old me would spill stories about clouds, caterpillars, the scary train tracks, coloring, alphabets and any snippet of news my little ears had heard along the way. As a mother myself, I remember when my children began school and how much joy I felt as they exuberantly shared the moments that surfaced in their memories. Often times, you could see their moods shift as they shared, from up to down, to lively, to calm, almost feeling the moments myself. As in this picture of my son Joe, you can see his happiness in that sand-covered face, but, oh my, if you could have heard the story!

My children, now in their teens and adulthood, aren’t as open to sharing such details these days and I realized, I too, had sort of stopped asking that way. I’d all but forgotten how simple it was until I was reminded by this curious random acquaintance of mine. Even early on, he would say ‘tell me about your day’. And that 5-year-old me would jump up and down shouting ‘Really? Really?! Can I?!” The thing is, as adults, in the adult world, we so often, in our hurried lives, resort to the simple, boiled down versions of this question. “How are you?” “How was your day?” While these questions show interest, they lack patience. By telling me about your day, I can understand how you are and how your day was, while building a beautiful connection in the telling.

It’s buy clomid online bodybuilding so simple. Ask me how I am or how my day was and I’ll always say ‘great’…because I believe it’s a choice, a perspective. But…ask me to tell you about my day and you will get a roller-coaster of a ride of stories with all the twists and turns, highs and lows, maybe even some screeches of joy and, like always, with the best rides, you’ll get a huge smile at the end because you let me get on the ride to begin with. 🙂

Now…go ask someone to tell you about their day 🙂



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    1. Jane

      Yes! All the difference! And thank you – it was really unlike him to get dirty like that – which is why it’s such a spectacular moment 🙂 He just kept mashing his face in the sand box and coming up and growling like a crazy monster haha

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