Clearing the path

Clearing the path

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We had a few cloudy, gloomy, cold spring days in a row recently. I’m the sort of person who needs the sun almost as much as I need water. Is there a word for for that? Like the word dehydrated when we’re low on water? But for the sun? I had that. Big time.

The symptoms might even be kind of similar, in fact. I was low on energy, kind of foggy, brain jumping around, but not finding the track. You know what I mean. I headed out at lunch to get some fresh pressed juice, hoping it would fill me with some light. On the way, I stopped at the nutrition store for a couple of things. It went like this.

The clerk asked if I needed help, which I obviously did and I rattled off my short list, shuffling behind him to collect the items. He was talking, but I wasn’t really listening. I was saying I missed the sun and I was tired. Haha…as I write this I can see what a 3-year-old I sounded like. “I’m tiiiiiiiired”. “I need some sunnnnnn”. Nice.

Back at the checkout, I finally snapped out of my stupor and noticed the man. He had an undeniable healthy glow about him.  Something told me I should pay attention. And in that moment, when I got out of my own way, everything shifted.

During the next 10 minutes I learned things about where to find the purest whey protein powder (which happens to come from mozzarella in Wisconsin!), the effects of too many B vitamins and why sardines are a staple in his diet. All fascinating, yet the best part was hearing him tell of his plans to take his parents, now in their 70s, on an 8 week RV trip across Canada. He was quitting his job, loading up an RV and fulfilling a dream with his parents.

By the time I left the shop I was invigorated, inspired and wide awake…and I hadn’t even reached the juice shop yet! As I thought about this, I realized I was the lucky winner of a two-fer lesson today (2 for the price of 1, that is). First, he demonstrated how to make choices in life aligned with his passions and deepest priorities. Second, when I’m out of sorts, feeling disengaged, I need to stop in my tracks and notice where I am…right now. Being present is the surest way to feel energized, focused and have the best shot possible at not missing a thing.

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  1. Paul

    Amazing what we can learn in just a few short minutes when we just stop and listen 🙂 …and.. Cross country Canada road trips rule! Maybe I will run into them on their way through 😉

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