Rugged harmony

Rugged harmony

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buying viagra in canada online I’ve been in Northern California for almost a month now. As a Midwest girl, these tress, hills, peaks and the ocean have had my eyes in wonder every moment. It’s utterly breathtaking, more beautiful than I ever imagined. I’ve been to the coast, among the tall trees, over hills and driving the curviest and most narrow roads. What surprised me the most? The ruggedness. This land challenges it’s inhabitants, yet it rewards them tenfold.

I’ve become enamored with the people here in this sliver of time. I met a man this week who’s lived in the area his entire life. He’s a 4th generation lumberjack, a skateboarder and pescetarian. He is Northern California in human form. His rugged exterior and daredevil line of work mirrored the grit of this land while his kind eyes, his intentional effort to save the trees and eat humanely create an endearing harmony.

We stood on a peak overlooking the valley below and the Pacific Ocean, in the distance, at the most perfect time of day – the half hour before sunset. I delighted in the details he pointed out, things I’d seen but didn’t know. Like the kite hawk over the field and how it stops in one spot, flapping it’s wings furiously before diving down to reach it’s prey. The Coast Live Oaks along the tree line covered in lichen, looking ancient and mangled. He explained how the redwoods collect their water from the fog through their leaves and it drips down like rain to the roots. He continued to point out bits and pieces of this wild and untamed place until the sun fell behind the horizon.

Our moment of sharing this experience has been playing over in my mind. It’s made me wonder. Is it enough to see beauty in isolation, alone, that is? To behold it, but not share it? There are times, yes, when we need solitude to fortify our souls. Yet, on the whole, is the greatest expression of beauty to share it with others? This man, my personal guide on the peak, sees this place every day and he values the magnificence. I’m compelled to think by sharing it with someone else we expand the impact even further, it becomes greater through us.

And if this is true, if sharing expands our experience, what about if we turn this truth to ourselves. When we allow our truest self to be seen and shared, are we expanding the gift and the essence of who we are? It’s something to contemplate and experiment with. It’s so easy these days to pull ourselves into isolation. But what if doing so reduces our light, our being and even our potential. And I’m not talking about just ourselves, also what we create. If an engineer doesn’t share their inventions, or a musician her song or a chef his meals are we limiting them, like building a bridge halfway across the water?

It’s something to think about. Now, go! Share yourself!


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  1. Paul

    “When we allow our truest self to be seen and shared, are we expanding the gift and the essence of who we are?”

    This has been something that I’ve been contemplating lately, for almost a year I’ve been avoiding Facebook as people seemed to be more drama related than anything else. Maybe turning it off is not the answer but showing up and expressing myself as me would give an opportunity to lead by example. 

    As always Jane, great post and thanks for the question, something to think about.

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