Everything OK?

Everything OK?

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source link I was riding on my trail today, here in Wisconsin. It’s early Fall and I realized I’ve not been on it much this summer between the month in California and the new found trail around the big lake. I had been at home, in a funk, and decided a ride would lift my mood. I reluctantly headed to my trail, not having time to do a ride further away. Part of me so wishing I was back in California among the tall trees.

As I began my ride I realized it wasn’t as cold out as I expected. In fact, it was at least 70 degrees with the sun high in the sky. I noticed the white puffy clouds, the kind only the prairies seemed to produce. I started thinking about my trail and how it didn’t deserve to be rejected just because it wasn’t California.

This trail had brought me relief, joy and lessons, year after year, ride after ride. I thought about all the people I’d met on the trail, all the times I’d felt nudged to stop and look more closely or take a picture. It was almost as if the trail had something to show me. And so I stopped, right then.

After taking some shots of the fields and clouds, a man and woman rode past, rare as it is to see people here. The man asked ‘Everything OK?’ and without hesitation I answered ‘Yep!’ and gave a thumbs up.

And that’s when it hit me. Everything is OK.  This might not be the trail in the redwoods or the field by the shore of the Pacific, but everything is OK. I’m healthy. I’m loved and feel love for others. I’m on a bicycle riding in the country on a perfect, sunny, fall day. I have food, water, shelter – all of my basic needs are met. I do work that is both inspiring and valued and, even better, helps people. I have freedom, opportunity, aspirations and an inner fire continually driving me to seek for greater purpose. Everything is more than OK.

I will find my way back to California again and eventually to Italy and Greece and maybe even to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (the southernmost tip of the continent!). But for now, I need to hold onto the gift of my life, to see the beauty in everything around me in this moment and remember I am so much more than OK. And with that, my ride became joy.


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